Geeky about technology, passionate about our team.

We're a true team over a decade in the making. We love successfully connecting people thru cool technology.

We pride ourselves on our rigorous processes and attention to detail, as well as our flexible and friendly work culture. We support and embrace our employees' passions outside work, realizing life doesn't begin when work ends.

Our Journey

Founded in 2001 as a video production company, Worktank quickly expanded into the virtual event space. We've run more than 20,000 events over our 15 years, helping our clients reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Our deep roots in video blended with our extensive experience connecting with audiences online make us an innovative partner to our corporate clients in the marketing and communications space seeking to extend the reach of their content.

Moving forward, we are excited to extend the power of virtual events to the non profit space with the belief that these tools will help transform the world in powerful ways.

Our Team

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